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24/7 Medical Care and Advice

MDAccess allows people to directly connect with a team of Canadian-trained nurses and doctors to resolve a medical issue. It has become a highly-valued service, designed to help people get medical assistance when and where they need it.

MDAccess has proven its ability to:

  • Solve up to 80% of the reasons people call immediately over the phone.
  • Reduce or eliminate unnecessary trips to a walk-in clinic or emergency department.
  • Provide reassurance and medical advice during uncertain times.
  • Reduce time away from work.

MDAccess is both a recruitment and retention tool for employers. Companies recognize that employees who have better health support are: healthier, happier and more productive.

By providing MDAccess as a benefit, employers provide better access to medical advice and care for employees.


MDAccess doctors are all Canadian-trained and
experienced specialists in primary and emergency care.
They make decisions about complex medical
problems every day.

Complete a personal health record for yourself and your family members. This includes important information about any allergies, medication or conditions that the health care team will need to know in the event you have a medical issue.

Download and use our App to self-identify your symptoms, get care advice or connect with the MDAccess team.

Call the MDAccess number provided for a comprehensive assessment of your medical concern by one of our nurses, and be connected with a doctor in minutes.



  • Ready the moment a medical concern or question arises
  • Check your symptoms and get care advice
  • Call MDAccess through the app
  • Messaging and video available
  • iOS and Andriod

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Here is what some employees are saying about the service:

The doctor made sure I was comfortable before I got off the call. He thoroughly went over all options.

The doctor took the time to explain what is happening, and why it happens. They are not in a rush. I feel reassured that I know what to expect, and what to look for – which I do not get at hospitals, doctors or clinics.

I like that they don’t recommend the OTC’s and prescriptions, but provide coaching (about alternate treatments) and what to look for.

MDAccess Physicians

Our team of highly-trained and experienced physicians, located across Canada, form the core of our service. MDAccess physicians are all specialists in Emergency and Family Medicine, certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada or the Canadian College of Family Practitioners.

In addition to working for MDAccess, many of our physicians are also educators, involved in teaching and training of physicians, medical residents, paramedics, nurses and other non-medical persons.

Providing telemedicine requires a special skill set. Thus, we’ve developed a comprehensive screening process to identify and select the right physicians. If you would like to be considered as an MDAccess physician, please send us an email at:

Dr. John Ross, MD, FRCPC
Medical Director, MDAccess
Dr. Ross is an emergency physician with over 25 years of experience in clinical practice, medical education, training and consulting. He has been providing telemedicine services for 20 years and was a founding member the parent organization, PRAXES. Dr. Ross is responsible for managing, recruiting, training and oversight of our MDAccess physicians, He reviews medical records, and ensures that medical services are delivered to the best standard of care today.


MDAccess gives people the opportunity to connect with a team of Canadian-trained nurses and physicians to discuss a medical concern. It was designed by PRAXES Medical Group, one of Canada’s longest standing telemedicine providers, servicing clients such as the Canadian Navy, Coast Guard and other marine, oil and gas companies for more than 20 years.

To learn more about PRAXES, visit:


Toll Free: 1-855-577-2762 

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